Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard videos are animation videos which can be created in front of the viewer. These are a form of explainer videos where the story and storyboard pictures are drawn on a whiteboard by the animator. These videos are mainly used in TV and internet advertising to communicate a message to the viewers in a story form.

Whiteboard videos are mainly used as an explainer to promote services, demonstrate new products, convey a complex message in a simple manner to the people viewing the video. Characters are drawn on a whiteboard and recorded to create the video.

Why Whiteboard Videos?

The main purpose of a whiteboard video is for marketing purpose. Whiteboard videos are simple yet very compelling to keep the viewers engaged with the concept it is displaying. As it shows someone writing or drawing on a whiteboard, it makes the viewers intrigued and wanting to know what unfolds next. They can be placed on various websites and help the websites rank better on search engines by using relevant keywords in it.

Features of Whiteboard videos:

• It gives you an exciting an innovative way to display a concept, services, and products of the company.

• It is extensively economical.

• It helps to create and cater specific messages or service with little or no added fluff.

• These videos are developed to be very focused and uncluttered.

• They are articulated with a lot of humour and impactful scripts to display a concept beautifully to the viewers.

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