2D animation is the oldest form of animated videos. It is about creating a movement of images on the two-dimensional platform. This animation technique is about creating movement by showing a series of still images in succession which is slightly different from each other.

We make high quality 2D animated videos and deliver them within the deadline. Our team of experts are well versed with the latest technology and can create extremely beautiful videos to keep the viewers engaged.

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3D Animation

3D animation is the process of creating three-dimensional moving images on the digital platform. In this kind of videos, the images look like moving objects. In 3D animated videos a scene can be shown in a much livelier way by changing the shape and position of the object.

3D animation creates a strong impact on the viewers as they can feel the scene. They can feel the characters moving in different directions. This is why this form of videos have gained so much popularity.

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are visually attractive animated videos that explain a business idea or a concept in a very simple and engaging way. This kind of videos carry precise information and are generally used to explain new products or services to the target audience.

While creating explainer videos, a perfect combination of visuals, sound, music, and voice over are used to create the right impact on the audience. Explainer videos are of high quality as they are made to target a set audience and woo them to get more business.

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Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphics is the way of creating motion or rotation in a video. It is also called graphics in a movement where pieces of digital footage are used to create the feel of motion. High definition motion graphics can be used to create videos to appeal to the viewers in a more engaging way.

We create high-quality videos using motion graphics where moving backgrounds, objects, and characters are incorporated in the videos. Motion graphics mainly deals with animated abstract shapes, typography, composition, and forms such as logos to create videos.

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Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos are animated videos which are generally created in front of the viewers. In this kind of videos, the storyboard pictures are drawn on a whiteboard by the animator.

Through whiteboard videos, a complex message can be conveyed in a very simple manner. This kind of videos can keep the viewers engaged as it shows someone writing or drawing on a whiteboard. These are mainly used for marketing purpose and also used on websites to help the website rank better on Search Engine Results Pages by using relevant keywords in it.

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Illustrations are the visual representation of an idea, a concept or a text. Illustrations are generally used by businesses for marketing purpose.

The illustration includes a wide range of techniques such as drawing, painting, collage making, printmaking, multimedia, and more to create an interactive platform with the viewers. It helps in the proper understanding of a concept or an idea. It is made to send across a message to a set of target audience. A perfect illustration can help viewers with a proper visualisation and a better understanding of the concept.

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Mascot Designing

Mascot designing is our specialty. We create a powerful symbol or a representative figure to best communicate your business ethics. We design the perfect mascot to represent your brand values.

We have a team of talented designers who live on creativity and service excellence. They are creative, experienced and fully professional to come up with the most innovative mascot designs for branding purposes.

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