An illustration is the visual representation of a concept or text. Proper illustrations enhance the viewer’s experience. This art form has successfully achieved a lot of popularity in its approach to explaining an idea on the digital platform.

Illustrations are used to express a concept or an idea which may range from a general topic to technical. It includes a wide range of techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, multimedia, and much more to create an interactive platform with the viewers.

Why Illustrations?

Illustrations are important as the central character of every story creates an impact on the viewer's mind if they are able to relate to that. The illustrator needs to have enough clarity about the concept to be conveyed to the viewers to be able to come up with the best of his work.

Illustrations are used to help the viewers with a proper visualisation and a better understanding of the characters in the video.

Features of Illustrations:

• Provides information about the design and helps in interactive data visualisation.

• Offers with a descriptive understanding of a concept.

• Powerful illustrations help the viewer or reader relate to a concept.

• It's a great way to show and explain a concept or an idea.

• It can easily create a bonding between the viewer and the concept the video depicts.

Character Making illustrations

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