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Animated Explainer Videos: The Winning Marketing Approach of 2020

January 22, 2020


Is your marketing campaign still failing to perform well?

Are you consistently failing to increase sales through your landing page?

Or, your website/blog is failing to attract and retain visitors?

Well, the explainer videos play a vital role in today’s online marketing and without it you are missing out on the ‘missing part of a whole circle’.

In this blog, you will be able to realize the true potential and the increasing importance of explainer videos in 2020 and beyond.

If you are really interested to learn the powers of explainer videos, read it completely to understand and take profitable decisions for your personal/professional and business growth.

Here it goes:

Animated explainer videos work perfectly when it comes to attracting more visitors to your website and informing them about the various features and benefits of your services or products.

And the way explainer videos have shown no false promises but solid ROI results, spending on an explainer video production for creating the right animated videos is sure to serve you as a winning card.

Do you know that a recent study has predicted that by the year 80% of the total web traffic will be videos? Well, considering the rapid and vast popularity of videos last year, it should not be difficult to guess that videos are sure to rule this 2020 as well.

And not harnessing the astounding potentials that animated explainer videos possess now, can be the biggest mistake of your brand marketing decisions.

So if you still need solid reasons to determine whether investing in quality explainer video production this new year can be the right thing or not, then here’s a closer look at what makes explainer videos the new future of internet marketing.

Videos Are Sure to Rule

It is not now that video is ruling the web world, rather it was since 2016 that popular networking platforms like Facebook prioritized video content. Hence, video content like the animated explainer videos is not only the perfect tool for grabbing the maximum attention of the audience but also the right choice of brands to explain the most complex ideas most simply and easily.

Therefore, relying on reputed explainer video production houses for creating impressive video content is a proven way of promoting your brand and drawing in more crowd.

Videos Will Boost SEO

It’s a known fact that a website with videos ranks higher in the SERPs than websites with no video at all. Since, videos increase the time people usually spend on a website, the websites with videos tend to have higher SEO rank.

But, do you know that the search engine crawlers take a closer look at not only the video title or description but also at the video itself?

And that’s where animated explainer videos stand apart from other types of marketing videos. the right explainer videos not only ensure that your videos have their appeal but also make sure that they have the potential to take your page’s ranking to higher.

Mobile Optimization Is a Must

Now that videos have become everything in websites’ competition to become successful, the better the animated explainer videos are optimized for mobile phones, the greater is your website’s chance to witness increased traffic.

With mobile phones turning into the most used device for browsing the internet, 2020 is the year when you should immediately opt for a reliable explainer video production company for creating amazing mobile-friendly videos for your website where viewers don’t have to face mobile support issues or see black bars every time they tilt their phones to watch the videos better.

Quality and Visually Stunning Videos Are the Future

With the internet getting faster, it takes only a few seconds to watch and share a video which means effective brand promotion and marketing in seconds. But does it mean that any animated explainer videos will do the trick in 2020?

Well, the answer is no. With the audience becoming more aware of quality content, you got to make sure that your explainer videos not only stand out in the crowd but also features stunning audio and visual effects.

Yes, quality videos made by trusted explainer video production companies are sure to cut through the clutter and gain your brand the desired exposure to grow.

It Is Videos That People Want

Effective and quality videos made by explainer video production companies not only offers attention-grabbing audio and visuals but also come packed with a lot of information that the viewers enjoy watching.

When there’s viewer’s interest, you got to make sure that your website features amazing and hard-to-ignore animated explainer videos.

After all, 2020 is going to be all about effective online video marketing to stay ahead in the competition.

Considering the technological and statistical predictions for 2020, it’s certain that animated explainer videos are going to rule the virtual marketing world.

Hope you find this blog useful. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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