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Use Animated Explainer Video to Boost Your Facebook Ads

December 18, 2019


Animated explainer videos are considered to be one of the greatest and latest online brand marketing tools. In simpler words, the combination of animation and explainer videos are crucial for boosting your advertising campaigns in the online world as well as on social media.

Since, posting videos, watching them and sharing them defines this modern age of internet users, more and more businesses are turning to animated video ads for better brand promotion and sales generation.

If you’re still wondering about the precise reasons for using animation videos for brand advertising on Facebook, then read on.

It’s Engaging as Well as Cost-Effective

By not Utilizing animated explainer video advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, you are letting your online marketing strategies to suffer.

Since animation makes a video more engaging, easy to understand and also cost-effective not utilizing them on social media platforms like Facebook means you’re yet to see the best results out of a social media marketing campaign.

Yes, amazing storytelling, presentation of the most complex ideas in the simplest way possible, the inclusion of lovable characters, use of visual metaphors, you can get all these in the most cost-effective way possible only through animated explainer video advertisements that people will love to watch and share.

It Suits Any and Every Marketing Campaigns

One of the best things about animated explainer videos is that it serves all types of marketing campaigns. Yes, irrespective of where you use it, whether it’s social media platform or your digital marketing campaigns, the animation never fails to appeal to the audience the way an effective business ad should.

Be it through emails or social media, websites or blogs, even on mobiles too these animated video ads are always effective, always connect emotionally with people of all ages and always offer attention-grabbing visuals.

It’s Extremely Mobile-Friendly

Are you aware of the fact that it is videos that make almost 50% of the online traffic on mobile devices? Well, if not then know that mobile devices are tremendously influencing the sharing of video content on social media platforms like Facebook.

And when its animated explainer videos, you can make the maximum out of this mobile online traffic generation. Yes, not using videos as a part of your business marketing strategies these days simply means getting left behind in the competition.

Whether it’s on their websites or the popular social media platforms like Facebook, animated video ads are proving to be extremely effective in telling the potential customers about the products or services in less than 2 minutes while promoting your business, attracting more customers and generating more sales.

It Has More Chances to Go Viral

Do you know that animated video ads can generate millions of views and shares on Facebook? Well, studies show that some videos have more possibilities of going viral than others, animation videos are certainly one of them.

Yes, it is especially the how-to videos and the comedy videos that have increased chances of generating more shares, more views and turn into viral videos. Since animated explainer videos focus more on explaining services and products in a simple yet funny and engaging way, they have a better likelihood to be viral.

And no one needs telling how a viral video can generate a huge amount of free advertising, free brand promotion, and distribution.

It Lets You Measure Its Exact Reach

Any marketing specialist would like to know the true reach of their marketing campaigns to ensure success. And with animated explainer videos, measuring this success rate on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc., becomes simpler, easier and effective.

For example, on Facebook, you can keep a track of various video metrics such as the number of views, the number of people who watched the videos for 10 seconds or more, etc. with just a few clicks. There are also leased services through which you can get in-depth information about how well your animated video ads are performing on Facebook or other social media platforms.

So, don’t get hold up any more in the common conundrum of determining whether you should or should not utilize animated video ads in your Facebook ads. Rather, opt for quality animated explainer video makers like TwinToons Animation Studio today and provide your social media campaigns with the much-needed boost to skyrocket your business success.

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