Top 5 Factors That Affect the Cost of Explainer Video Production

July 20, 2019

Posted by : Mithun Pandit

Not many people have a clear idea of why the cost of explainer video varies. And this often leads them to wonder why it is higher than the other. Well, if you are one of those who have always wanted to know why explainer video price differs, then this blog is here to give you a detailed insight into it.

A good explainer video is more like a good wine. The more efforts it receives in terms of quality, style, length, uniqueness, etc., the better gets the final outcome which influences the explainer video cost. From the moment when you talk with an explainer video production company to the time when you actually receive the final explainer video, your video goes through a lot of processes. During these processes, there are a number of factors that contribute to its cost.

So, let’s take a closer look at these elements or factors here that directly influence the cost of an explainer video. (detailed explanation below)

  • Video Quality
  • Length of Video
  • Clients Deadline ( Project Deliverability)
  • Types of Explainer Video Opted
  • Number of Revisions or Post Production Changes

Video Quality:


quality of video affect cost of explainer video

Quality of a video is one such factor that will certainly put aside all your limitations regarding the cost if it’s a high-quality explainer video you want. When an explainer video company produces a quality video, it involves the expertise of many, such as a creative director, a storyboarded, a scriptwriter, an illustrator, a voice actor, a character animation specialist, video editor, a producer and more.  And when there are more than eight professionals are involved, expecting a low cost of producing an explainer video is certainly a folly.

Yes, you may find an explainer video maker who will quote less for he has a small multi-tasking team delivering the video; but the video quality will be no longer as rich as the previous one where a qualified explainer video production house is involved with its huge team of industry experts.

Video Length:


length of explainer video affect its cost

Your video length plays a crucial part in the explainer video cost. No matter the length of your explainer video, there goes a certain amount of hard work by the explainer video production company in it. Whether it’s a 40-seconds video or a 4-minute video, the process that their making involves remains the same and hence the explainer video price is affected.

For example, while for a longer video a longer script with more graphics and larger storyboard is required; for a shorter one, the same things are required, only in a less amount. But, the requirement is still there, right! And depending on the efforts and research works involved by the explainer video maker, the cost of production tends to alter.

Video Techniques and Styles:


types of explainer video

From videos of motion graphics to videos of cartoon animations, from whiteboard animations to 3D animation, there are numerous video techniques and styles to choose from when opting for an explainer video. And your explainer video cost is directly related to these very techniques and styles you choose. Because while some techniques require less work, others demand more time, hard work and more people. In order to keep the explainer video cost within your budget, you either have to compromise with the video style or simply be ready to accept the increased explainer video cost.

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Clients Deadlines, Of Course: (Project Deliverability)


time taken to make an explainer video

Around five to eight weeks is the average time required for making a high-quality explainer video where there’s a team of almost 10 professionals involved in the explainer video company.  But it doesn’t mean you can’t get your explainer video faster than this. To get faster delivery, you can either opt for an explainer video company who can dedicate extra working hours and more professional involvement; or you can choose one who uses pre-designed graphics and animations for quick results. While for the later the explainer video cost does decrease, but the uniqueness, quality, and fresh approach are compromised; the former comes with increased explainer video cost but is 10 times better than the later.

The number of Revisions OR Post Production Changes:


The total number of revisions is also a crucial factor affecting the explainer video cost. Considered to be a standard practice in the creative industries, revisions are done in case you want anything to be changed after seeing the final product. Since revisions or redoing do consume both time and effort, it automatically sends the explainer video cost up.


Yes, you’ve known about the major factors that impact an explainer video cost and also why the explainer video price varies. But it can’t be denied that price is indeed a big concern when you contact an explainer video maker. And we, at Twin Toons Animation perfectly understand this concern of yours and hence, try to stay competitive with our own pricing while keeping our own costs to minimal. Because providing our clients with the best explainer video production deals without compromising the video quality has always been our priority.

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