2D Animation

2D animation creates movements of images on a two-dimensional platform. This is the oldest form of animation technique used for years to create animation videos. A series of still images which are slightly different from each other are shown in succession to create 2D animated videos.

Why 2D Animation?

2D animation videos are preferred by many beautiful videos can be created based on this technique. Our experts create 2D animation videos which can compellingly keep viewers engaged. It is the expertise of the TwinToons Animation Studio team and our understanding of the concept which we incorporate to create 2D animation videos.

Features of 2d Animation:

• It will help to create animation by changing the position, size, and visibility of layers.

• An unlimited number of Linear Motions can be added in each layer and other fixed positions.

• During the playback, the programme so framed will help to perform the motion sequence for each layer.

• Any layer can be drawn with multiple live effects. The live effects are editable and if any change is made in the layer, the effect will automatically get updated.

• The multiple shadowy, glowy or transparent and other effects will make the animated programme very lucrative.

• Various patterns involved in 2D animation will create stunning realistic animations adding a high design to the décor of the animation program.

Farm to Factory
Baba Black Sheep
Humpty Dumpty
Twinkle Twinkle
Incy Wincy Spider

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