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How can Explainer Videos Improve ROI in Marketing

November 25, 2019


There goes a lot of things behind making effective and engaging animated explainer videos, along with money. Yes, the time, the effort, the energy and the hard work you put in creating outstanding videos naturally make you long for some satisfying. Wanting a good return on investment is nothing wrong from your side. But are these videos capable of delivering the expected outcome?

Well, videos are undoubtedly the latest most trending form of marketing on the web. And when it’s animation, the chances of receiving improved and better ROI automatically increases. Let’s find out how it possesses everything that you need for successful online video marketing with some great returns on your investments.

Animated Marketing Videos Are More Convincing


These days, people neither have the patience nor the time to spend more than a few minutes, leave hours, on a video to understand what’s in it. Therefore, convincing your audience through marketing videos to choose your products or services over others, you need short, catchy, simple to understand videos that justly explain how your products can help them.

And that’s where the effectiveness of animated videos lies. Since they get to the exact point within a minute, they turn out to be more convincing to the audience and promises greater ROI.

Along with being extremely entertaining and engaging, animated videos are even capable of explaining the services or product features in just 30 seconds which spare the audience of a long boring watch.

Animated Marketing Videos Perfectly Present the Brand


The more your brand becomes known to your audience, the better get the chances of your audience to engage with your brand. And to achieve maximum brand awareness, your marketing videos need to be customized in a way that it makes the customers recall your brand even after they are done with watching your video.

And that’s where customized animated explainer videos come in with their unique way of specifying your brand message that leads to developing a deeper connection to the target audience.

The use of characters and colours in animated videos help with engaging the audience on a personal level which eventually results in building a solid customer base and increased ROI.

Animated Marketing Videos Ensure Greater Visibility


To ensure greater ROI, the primary thing you need is selling is your products. Therefore, when investing in marketing videos they need to be capable enough of making your product or services seen to the audience in a way that promotes the sales. And explainer videos do just the thing. Grasping the audience’s attention immediately, they boost your brand and product visibility, as well as your ranking on search engines like Google, YouTube, etc.

 Animated Marketing Videos Are Great for Social Publicity


Videos being the most shared content on the platforms of social media, creating the right animated videos can function as a way of doing free publicity of your brand and products on social media. Paying attention to social networks and being regularly active on them can help your marketing your brand fast and for free which leads to increased ROI. After all, it’s a proven reality that animated marketing videos tend to grow conversion by almost 20%.

Every time someone posts or shares your animated marketing videos on Facebook or any other social networking sites, your brand, products, services, valuable information about your brand, everything receives free publicity.

Animated Marketing Videos Are Engaging and Catchy


Last but not least, you have to admit that these types of videos are engaging as well as instantly attention-grabbing compared to other types of marketing videos. And when a website has eye-catching videos, it automatically leads to improved visibility and more visitors which means increased online presence. And with a greater online presence, the chances of better ROI by turning visitors into customers also increase.

Animated explainer videos are one of the most effective and great resources for boosting your ROI. To enjoy great returns on investment, all you need do is high-quality videos that are catchy, engaging and worth every penny you invest in it.

Opt for professional help such as TwinToons Animation Studio, if needed, who has a great fan base for creating attractive and delightful animated explainer videos; just make sure you have the best videos to advertise and market your products, brand, business, and improved ROIs will automatically find you.

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