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Build Brand Awareness with Stunning Explainer Videos

January 22, 2020


This one blog can help you understand the foremost ‘NEED FOR AN EXPLAINER VIDEOS’ in 2020 & beyond in your marketing campaign.

This blog answers the question- Do Explainer Videos help in creating a powerful brand identity?

You must be eager to understand the why’s and how’s of it. It is advisable to read till the end to get enlightened. This will also help you take proper online marketing investment decisions.

Let’s start:

With more and more brands and companies dedicating much of their investments and time in creating an impressive marketing video for brand awareness; there is no denying that brand awareness is something that runs very deep in ensuring a brand’s successful existence.

If people easily forget about your brand immediately after coming across your marketing videos, then it simply means that your brand is failing to create a lasting impression on the minds of your target audience.

However, with stunning marketing explainer videos, this issue can easily be dealt with. Yes, you can simply opt for an effective explainer video to boost marketing as well as ensure maximum brand awareness.

Include Your Brand’s Colour More

Though animated explainer videos let you enjoy all the freedom of customizing, creating and choosing any color to make the way you like them when it is about explainer video to boost marketing, remember to use your brand’s color as much as possible throughout the videos.

Using the color of your brand in the videos not only turns the videos into strong visual identities but also impacts the minds of the audience unconsciously which helps them remember and recognize your brand afterward and make them more apt as a marketing video for brand awareness.

Introduce Animated Custom Characters

To make an animated video an ideal marketing video for brand awareness, you got to make sure that the videos communicate directly to your target audience.

The more you will customize the videos as per the preferences and requirements of your target audience, the more the audience will feel identified with it. And the best customizing way of using your explainer video to boost marketing is by introducing your custom animated characters.

Yes, introduce animated characters that resemble your target audience, their age, their job, even their clothing, etc. and voila! There is no stopping your marketing video for brand awareness from succeeding in achieving its goal.

Have a Voice the Audience Can Relate With

When relying on explainer video to boost marketing and create the desired brand awareness, make sure the videos echo a voice of trust.

You must understand that the audience needs to relate with the voice or narration of the video to trust the brand’s message or feel more confident with it.

Hence make it point to opt for a professional voice person who is also a native of the area for which you have come up with your stunning explainer video to boost marketing.

For example, a video that is made for the American audience won’t work effectively or at all if the voice-overs are given by someone from Australia.

When your target audience gets to hear what your brand has to say from a voice that feels like them, the very purpose of the marketing video for brand awareness is successfully served.

As a result, the marketing videos indeed engage viewers and stay in the mind of the viewers afterward as well.

Focus More On the Audience

When creating a marketing video for brand awareness, make sure that you make the video ‘for the audience’ and not all about bragging about how excellent or superior your brand is.

Remember, the ultimate key for utilizing explainer video to boost marketing and brand awareness is by connecting with the audience.

And when it comes to making your target audience watch your video till the end, talking only about your products and services in a marketing video is never a great idea but focusing more on the audience and the problems they are facing certainly is.

That’s all!

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