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Attract Customers from Facebook with Animated Explainer Video

November 25, 2019


Having around 1.49 billion monthly users, Facebook has undoubtedly turned into one of the most appealing and effective places for brand advertising. And allowing video advertisements on its news feed, Facebook has allowed brands and businesses to grab the attention of the customers like never before. And when it’s about attractive ad videos, there’s nothing more engaging and effective as animated explainer videos.

So without any further delay, let’s hear about how with animated explainer video you can attract more and more customers from Facebook.

How do video ads work on Facebook?


The video ads on Facebook come with an autoplay feature that enables the ads to run for 15 seconds in the newsfeed when a user scrolls the newsfeed and stops on the video ad.

However, when running on newsfeed the video ads go on without sound. Once the user taps on the animated explainer video ads, the videos expand and get unmuted automatically. However, if the user continues to scroll down through his or her newsfeed, the video ads stop running.

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How to post animated explainer video ads on Facebook?


Initially, when posting video ads like animated explainer video advertisements are launched on Facebook, it was premium video ads for VIPs who intended to directly post their video ads on Facebook. Yes, during the early phase of video ads, the benefits of it can mainly be enjoyed by a selected group of business and brand advertisers. And naturally, these video ads were really expensive and came with limited region availability.

But as the effectiveness and popularity of video ads like animated explainer video started to grow, free and other affordable options of posting video ads for brand marketing became available.

For example, a much more inexpensive and down-to-earth way of posting video ads on Facebook is uploading the animated explainer video file on your Facebook page and then promoting and sharing that post.

What makes animated explainer video ads in Facebook amazing?


The best thing about posting animated explainer video ads or any video ad on Facebook is that it leads your business or brand to those people who are interested in the services of products you offer, boosting the conversion rate. Plus, when the video ads are simple yet engaging animated explainer video ads, naturally the marketing results tend to be impressive.

When you upload your video files like animated explainer video on your Facebook business page and then share and promote your reach out to a more selected group of audience. Yes, using the target filter that Facebook offers for controlled for the advertising of your videos like an animated explainer video, you can target the selected audience, people from your fan base and also their friends.

And once you assign the maximum budget of yours, select the filters of gender, age, special interest, geographical area, etc. of your choice, Facebook informs you about the estimated reach of your animated explainer video ads.

Why choose animated explainer video ads over others?


When it comes to attracting customers and increasing conversion rates, AEV is considered to be one of the most effective advertising tools. Some of the major reasons behind suing animated explainer video ads over any other kind of video ads are mentioned below:

  • Animated explainer videos are cost-effective or inexpensive compared to other types of videos.
  • Just as the name suggests, these videos explain the benefit of products or services to the audience in a simple yet engaging way.
  • Animated explainer videos come with flexibilities overall kind of screens.
  • AEVs are extremely catchy and entertaining.
  • With the majority of people accessing Facebook from mobile devices these days, AEVs are completely mobile friendly.
  • An animated explainer video helps make the audience more connected and identified with your brand in a great way.
  • People of all ages use Facebook these days and AEVs turn out to be appealing to people of different ages.


Presently, Facebook is known to be the biggest social network in the world. And you got to make sure that you don’t miss promoting and advertising your brand and business on it through high-quality animated explainer videos.

Opt for a professional and renowned animated explainer video ads maker like TwinToons Animation Studio, if needed, but make it a point to make most out this most known and largest social network site through video ads.

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