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7 Important Advantages of Motion Graphics Animation

December 18, 2019


Gone are the days of generic content as now it’s all about the content that stands out. Yes, generic content neither resonates with the vision, narrative, and values of a brand nor ensures brand recognition the way motion graphics animation does. With animation videos being tremendously popular these days, motion graphics appeal to the audience in the same aesthetic way while giving a real video like feeling.

If you haven’t yet tried motion graphics animation or aren’t aware of it yet, then below are its seven major advantages that will surely make you fall in love with this engaging and powerful medium of digital marketing.

It’s Engaging

From kids to grown-ups, everyone finds it difficult to move their eyes from animated videos. And when its motion graphics animation the audience engagement quotient simply gets one step higher since it has the power of giving life to objects that are otherwise lifeless and creating simple yet different characters that the audience feels instantly connected to.

It’s Effective

Whether it’s branding or any product or packaging, the effectiveness of motion graphics animation is beyond any doubt. Even when it comes to demonstrating the services or functions of a brand or product, motion graphics do it smoothly, and effectively.

For repackaging and rebranding too, the motion graphics animation is extremely effective. In simple words, motion graphics are effective in serving its purpose justly i.e. promoting and marketing a brand or its products on the digital platform.

Grabs Attention

When it’s promoting your brand on the digital platform, everything is about grabbing the maximum attention of the audience. But can any type of content do so? The answer is no. However, with simple yet eye-catching motion graphics animation it’s possible to grab the attention of the target attention. Even without any on-screen texts of any kind or huge paragraphs or use of imageries, simple motion graphics possess unlimited power to ensure better ROI.

Helps with Brand Recall

The use of motion graphics in animation helps a brand create the desired impression on its audience. Invoking interest and curiosity in the audience, the unique style and way of storytelling help people to remember the brand or the services it has to over or the message it shares.

Using motion graphics animation may not instantly convert a viewer into your customer, but it certainly leaves an impression on the mind of the audience that can later boost the purchasing intentions in them and can even turn them into paying customers.

Offers Maximum Control

Unlike live-action videos, motion graphics animation offers a huge amount of control over its style and way of storytelling. Whether it’s sending a message to the audience or just conveying an idea, the way motion graphics animation helps, nothing acts more effectively.

Using the bright and brash pellets of colors, and smart transitions motion graphics simply lets you present your brand the way you want to while imprinting its distinct style in the consciousness of the audience.

Comes Cheap Too

Do you know that motion graphics animation is extremely cost-effective too? Yes, compared to the cost of shooting a real video the production cost of motion graphics animation is a lot less. Unlike a real video where real actors and actresses are required along with supporting cast and crew, technicians, shooting equipment etc., motion graphics are all about letting your imagination run free with the help of a few animated characters, hat also in the same background which automatically reduces the overall cost.

Serves All Sectors

Do you think motion graphics animation serves only for fun and entertainment? Well, then you’re wrong as motion graphics can be flawlessly used in varied sectors for presenting ideas of all kinds. Whether it’s a message for social awareness or creating something for child education, for the gaming sectors or a serious cause, motion graphics animation fits all.

With motion graphics animation offering so many opportunities to a brand for creating and establishing a distinct identity and style that can impress the target audience and resonate with their expectations, it is undoubtedly one of the keys to successful brand marketing.

And now with high-quality animation service providers like TwinToons Animation Studio being around, motion graphics animation simply guarantees to raise maximum awareness about your brand and inspire the audience to choose you over others.

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