3 Big Reasons Why Must You Prefer Custom Explainer Video

August 22, 2019

Posted by : Twintoons Animation Studio

The three main reasons are as follows: (detailed explanation below)

  • It helps the brand stand out in the crowd
  • It guarantees the best return on investment
  • It lets the customer relate & connect with the brand


It is undoubtedly one of the many realities of modern marketing strategies that explainer video is the crucial marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

The way an explainer video boost the marketing campaigns and build separate brand identity by explaining your business products and services can hardly be done this fast and effectively by any another marketing tool.

But to make the most out of this effective marketing tool i.e. animated explainer video, make sure to opt for the fully customized ones. Because compared to a premade template video, a custom explainer video is far superior in bestowing your brand the desired identity, exposure and engagement.

If you want to be sure about why you should prefer custom explainer video, then without any further delay just read on.

1. It Helps the Brand to Stand Out in The Crowd


stand unique in the competition

With more and more businesses now opting for explainer videos, to stand out among your competitors your videos need to be not only oh great quality but also engaging, stunning and attractive. And opting for custom explainer videos is certainly the best way to make sure that your brand beat its competitors.

The more you” look around the world of web, you’ll see that template videos fail to offer content originality as well as quality. And a dull and low-quality explainer video is the last thing customers wish to watch.

To compete with hundreds and thousands of explainer videos out there, what you need is quality and that’s what custom explainer videos excel in. Because it is quality that creates all differences between a good and a bad video.

Offering a secure way to grab the attention of the audience, a custom explainer video is the ultimate choice to come up with different and innovative explainer videos that can justly represent your brand.

2. It Guarantees the Best Return On Investment


high return on investment

If you’re thinking about whether investing for a high-quality custom explainer video with some great custom characters and designs will bring you an ROI or not, then know that yes it will. Because, when the target customers find the explainer videos to be engaging, of great quality and fresh and original designs, they naturally watch the videos which automatically boosts the ranking on the SERPs.

Plus, when you choose custom explainer videos it ensures originality and creativity of your videos which helps with establishing the trust of your audience in your brand.

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3. It Lets the Customers Relate with The Brand


customers relate with the brand

Every brand and company have different expectations when opting for explainer videos. And the true level of satisfaction depends on when you get the videos you’re looking for that your customers can easily relate with. And here comes the significance of custom explainer videos that is not only tailored as per your expectations and criteria but also meant to blow the minds of your target audience.

Yes, when your explainer videos include the required customized characters, custom designs, and visual elements, your target audience and the potential customers feel related or identified with it easily. Without custom videos, it becomes difficult to reach out to your audience the way you intend to. To be more specific, unlike template videos that often comes in the 2D form, custom explainer videos let you try different types of animation videos such as whiteboard animation, 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics and many more.

A pre-made explainer video template never succeeds in providing your rand and business with the explainer video marketing impacts, diversity and effectiveness that a custom explainer videos can. Remember, without powerful advertising, a successful business can’t exist. And to make your online business advertising campaign a success, laudable custom explainer videos are a must.


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