11 Intelligent Ways to Boost Online Marketing with Explainer Videos (2019)

July 26, 2019

Posted by : Mithun Pandit

Believe it or not, but EXPLAINER VIDEOS is presently one of the best ways of boosting the online presence of your brand or business and creating impressive brand engagement. With each passing day, digital marketing strategies and techniques are evolving at a rapid speed. With more and more changes being introduced in the search engine algorithms, the traditional SEO techniques are losing their importance. In such a scenario when businesses are constantly looking for ways to promote their content online, explainer videos turn out to be the next big thing in online marketing.

So, without further delay, let’s get into the different effective ways you can tailor your internet marketing into the most effective way of communicating your brand message to your target audience with different forms of animation.

🔸Here are 11 Intelligent ways to boost Online Marketing through Explainer Videos ( detailed explanation below) :


  • Liven Up Your Site with Animation
  • Utilize More of Motion Graphic
  • Combine Animation with Email Marketing
  • Pay Attention to Whiteboard Animations
  • Boost Internet Marketing Strategy With Animated GIFs
  • Grab Maximum Attention With Explainer Videos
  • Opt for 3D Animation Ads & Videos
  • Include Explainer Videos in your Websites Landing Page
  • Don’t ignore Animated Ecards
  • Give the Brand Logo an Animated Finish

1. Liven Up Your Site with Animation:



The first and best way of using animation for internet marketing is by animating your website. Be it GIFs or animated videos, interactive animated imagery or animated brand logo, make it a point to include them on your website in some way to enliven it as well as boost the website’s conversion rate.

2. Utilize More of Motion Graphic:



Taking your brand or its products to a whole new level, motion graphics can do wonder to your internet marketing when utilized wisely. Motion graphics are nothing but pieces of animation that creates an illusion of constant rotation or motion. Communicating with the audience, this animation form helps your products or brand message reach the target audience or potential customers.

3. Combine Animation with Email Marketing:



Do you know that including animated GIFs in your marketing emails can be a great way of using animation in marketing? If not, then know that the presence of animated GIFs in your email helps in reinforcing your brand message to the audience better while highlighting the significant part of the email more prominently.

4. Pay Attention to Whiteboard Animations:



If you want to give your internet marketing approach a more creative and unique look, then whiteboard animation is your thing. Helping your brand to stand out in the crowd, this particular form of animation works great in explaining a service or product in a more understandable manner, even when you’re on a tight marketing budget.

5. Boost Internet Marketing Strategy with Animated GIFs:



GIFs are precise and clever. And with animation is combined with these GIFs, it’s possible to boost your business image. Animated GIFs also help in adding a more humoristic tone to your internet marketing approach.

6. Grab Maximum Attention with Explainer Videos:


As an indispensable promotional tool, quality and engaging animated explainer videos play a crucial role in effective digital marketing. Combining eye-catching cartoons with active animated characters, these videos explain the services or how a product works to the viewers in the most entertaining way possible.

7. Opt for 3D Animation Ads and Videos:


Animation videos are always a great way to advertise your brand and explain their services and products. But with 3D animation, the whole animation thing reaches a new level. Such videos and ads help to bolster your brand image online in a cost-effective way. Even with 2D animation videos and ads, attracting more traffic online becomes easily possible.

8. Include Animated Explainer Videos on Your Website’s Landing Page:


Last but not least, placing animated videos on your website’s landing page can be a great way of boosting your website’s conversion rate. But make sure to make the video an engaging one, so that it can swiftly influence certain emotions in the viewers.

9. Don’t Ignore Animated E-Cards:



E-cards have always been great as a medium of making personal communication online. But when you add animation to it, it becomes an effective way of engaging the customers and promoting your brand online. Animated e-cards are colorful, humorous, entertaining and also brilliant marketing tools at the same time.

10. Give the Brand Logo an Animated Finish:


[Here is an awesome example of an animated logo you must watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm_NYFGS-mQ]

Your brand logo being one of the most significant assets of your brand, it’s high time that you give it an animated look. With motion designs becoming one of the leading trends presently, why keep your brand logo still? Give it a 2D animation or 3D animation look or any simple animated look and watch it boosting your brand recognition.

11. Promote the Products with Stop-Motion Video:


Here is an example of stop-motion animation:

[Source: YouTube Channel- auroraMeccanica]

Stop-motion is one such animation technique where static objects are brought to life on screen. And when it comes to telling the audience or your clients how your products exactly work, just like animated explainer videos, stop-motion work perfectly. Considered to work really well in the public sector, stop-motion delivers a real-life depiction of products.

Now that you’ve known about the numerous ways of boosting your online brand marketing with animation, go ahead and grab the attention of more and more audience. In case you’re not sure about how to utilize this innovative and super effective marketing tool in the best way possible for online marketing, TwinToons Animations Studio is here to help you out. Connect with us today and enjoy the use of animation in marketing as effective as it can get!

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