11 Dominant Use of Animated Explainer Videos in 2019 & Beyond

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April 25, 2019

With the elevation in the technology and marketing techniques, entrepreneurs, as well as businesses, are delved into gaining knowledge of goods and services.

The main aim is to seek the right solution to their curiosity in a quick and effective manner. And for this, the commencement of explainer videos have come to be a boon for the different genre of industries.

It has been aptly quoted by Dr. James McQuivy, “A Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words.”

Explainer videos have been gaining popularity as one of the key marketing trends to any business to make your potential consumers take up the apt decision with the current form of knowledge and information.

Now, why does it is a growing hit among the businesses?

The answer to this is that people are more drawn towards video content rather than reading long monotony paragraphs.

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We do not imply that blogs and contents have become old fashioned. No! But it is the explainer videos that have reached a new pinnacle for the attraction of visitors to your website.

Why should you opt for animated explainer videos?

  • As per statistical data and psychology, people are more brainy when it comes to listening to information rather than reading it at one go.
  • Coming to that, if you have a look on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to view that most of the industries have opted for the concept of showcasing their products or represent their brand via videos.
  • The fact is, there are too many benedictions of opting for even 30 second explainer videos. You need to make sure that your graphic representation is on point.
  • For that keep in mind that, the first 5 to 7 seconds of the video should be highly engaging, unique and creative.
  • For example, Slack has been promoting its products in the most unique way possible. The experts have made the use of explainer videos software where the video showcases the journey of a busy working life and the daily chores of work of a middle-class person.
  • The graphical representation of the visuals are so bright and enticing, that you will be able to understand that the product has not been overly promotional at the same time, videos spoke the words that they wanted to portray. That is the power of animated explainer videos.

Perks of Explainer Videos for Business

*Best Explainer videos result in high visibility in Search Engines

Animated Explainer Video By TwinToons Animation Studio

First things first, communication is one of the key aspects to garner the growth of your business. And that is where animated explainer videos come to your rescue.

The businesses these days are opting for video content. Like, if you tend to showcase the explainer videos for business through emails or over popular social media platform, you will be able to find there is a higher click-through rate.

One of the best explainer videos is that of the Med Mart App. Though the video is a bit longer, it clearly presents the aim of the application, the complex procedures of the plastic surgery along with the use of 3d animation.

The video itself has gained so much recognition, where within a few numbered days, it has garnered loads of downloads. So similarly, you will be able to enhance the visibility to your site through the use of best explainer videos.

*Increase in Brand Awareness

Explainer Video For Branding

Taking the closer look at the functioning of animated explainer videos, you will get to view that it incorporates the better view of the company along with its products and services. That means your clients are going to garner a better view of the company.

This is the step to brand awareness as well as value propositions.

*People are getting lazy reading

Like mentioned earlier, not that people do not love to read but people these days are quite lazy, fatigue and most importantly have the lack of time to delve into understanding literature. Even in the recent study conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts, it has been stated so.

Through explainer videos for business, it is mainly the multimedia streaming where thousands of viewers will view and reach to your website.

*Explainer Videos Maker helps the Search Engine Optimizer

When it comes to explaining things, rather than us, it is the explainer videos that do the work on behalf of so many speakers. Isn’t it! Curating a video through explainer videos maker is certain to grab the attention of the viewers.

A proper well-structured explainer video garners click-through rates through popular social media platforms. This will help in the ranking on popular search engine pages


As you will be curating engaging animated explainer videos, you are indeed going to garner a memorable experience for the viewers. The more unique and creative it will be in representing your brand, viewers will be more drawn towards the product or the services provided.

*Increase in Customer Engagement

As mentioned earlier, people are getting lazy to read and thus, videos hit for a sixer. That means now graphic visualization is the new trend for inheriting the ability to keep your customers engaged.

When you are formulating explainer videos for business, it indeed draws the main focus to your website. This helps in the enhancement of the business value and the main aim of it.

*Potential Leads And Conversion

Talking about research, it has been stated that the human brain acts and becomes more active to visuals than that of written formats. Now, where you are combining, exemplary graphic, video and audio content in the formulation of animated explainer video, just think of the effect. Now how could you boost sales?

One of the main things that you need to understand is that your video should be not too long. Like going for 30 second explainer videos. It has to be communicative as well as not overly promotional. You can also incorporate some testimonials for gaining trust.

The visionary engagement paves the pathway for gaining potential leads which you might never know can become your long terms converted sales.

*Mobile Friendly

As of 2018, more than 5 billion people are operating the internet through their smartphones.

Coming to that the increasing popularity is that of the youths and they show a keen interest in such video content. How is that beneficial to you? Gradually you will be able to acquire a number of visitors as well as followers over the course of time.

*Google Approves of Video Content

Google commences with the following algorithms and strategies for the ranking of websites. Now, the formula of explainer videos has gained the attention of garnering huge traffic.

Animated explainer videos are on point and showcase the actual message. And this is where Google gets to earn through clicks and gains lead conversions

*Social Popularity

When you tend to watch a unique video, one of the first things that you like to do is share on social media. That is what is the power of explainer videos. If your explainer video is enticing to the audience, you can be sure that it will gain recognition over popular social media platform

*Boosting Traffic

Your animated explainer video should showcase the main motive of the business. Understand the plethora of the needs and requirements, from the client’s perspective. It has to be the video that answers all sort of curiosity in mind.

This way you will be able to garner larger traffic, better customer engagement and enhance the approach organically.

Companies like Microsoft has been one of the most known brands globally. They have formulated a concise video to garner the attention of the B2B market.

You can hereby notice how explainer videos for business have paved way for a new successful journey. If you are seeking to emerge as a brand, you need to delve into gaining the best for your video and present it to the online platform for the transformation of your business into a brand name, globally.

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